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FTC Rocket Construction
Some of my plans and links to others FTC Rockets.

Here are some water rockets
from some good friends on the water rocket email list.

Check out all the details on
Special thanks to George Katz for permission to use photos.

Three Nozzles!
Air Command

Air Command

Onboard Flight Computer!
Air Command


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Seltzer Rocket Seltzer Rocket Plans and Instructions
Rockets don't have to be big and powerful to teach good science. Use seltzer rockets to provide safe alternatives for smaller scientists.
Seltzer Rocket

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Water Rocket Car (Design A)
Squirt Gun A
This car uses 4 liters of compressed air and a 4' length of FTC full of water. It really kicks back when it takes off.

YouTube video of first run of first water rocket car

YouTube video of second run of first water rocket car

Soon I will add wheels and an on-board camera.

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Squirt Gun
Squirt Gun A

YouTube Video of Squirt Gun
The water pressure comes from the garden hose. Most houses have 60 psi of water pressure. Starting with an empty 2 liter bottle (full of air), use a quick connect on the garden hose to fill the 2 liter bottle. It doesn't fill all the way because the air trapped inside compresses until the garden hose pressure and the bottle pressure equalize. Disconnect the garden hose and now you can chase your brother, sister, mom, dad or neighbor down the street. It is like having a garden hose that goes where you go. The trick is the siphon that reaches to the bottom of the 2 liter.
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