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Thomas T.
The launch pad arrived today. I want to thank you for offering such a fine product, and congratulate you on the way that you do business. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Steve P.
Thank you. I will be using the rocket launcher at several summer camps in 2007.

Yo! Hello. I am Eddy and its really nice to see your web page, its interesting and I got many knowledge on it. Last two weeks, I launched my three water rocket in our school, its our project! then, do u know, I got 1st in the competition. After 2 more weeks, again I got a presentation on it! So, your page give me lots of idea to talk about. I think I can also get 1st for my presentation. Oop! I m high School Student from _____!

Thank you! yo!

Mark C.
Thank you for providing a launch pad that can be used and allows people of all ages to build and have fun with rockets.

Rob F.
Thanks for your email, your additional instructions below have been helpful. You will be happy to know that I do not have any problems to report. I have used the pad for somewhere in the order of 20-25 launches, all at 90-100 psi and have had very good success. Only a few times did I start to get some leakage at 100psi but that was minimal, and the rocket actually launched with the same performance, traveling approx the same height. I used the launch pad with a bunch of boy scouts and they loved it. The scouts were ages 12-15 and we used the experience to demonstrate some basic science principles. My 9 yr old daughter also got a kick out of it, she put together her own rocket and we launch it a bunch of times over the weekend. All in all I am very happy with the product. The garden hose adapter is a great idea, and the "grabbers" fit nice and snug around a typical 2 liter bottle. No leaks around the garden hose adapter or the air valve to report. I'll continue to "stress test" the launch pad and will let you know of any problems/issues in the future, but from the looks of things I think it's a quality design.

Steve D.
The launchpad worked great for my cub scout troop -- we had a great meeting making and launching water bottle rockets. It's also been good advertising to entice new boys into scouting.

Thanks for your help,


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