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Launch Pad Construction - Glue

Glue one end cap each onto 3 of the 12" Sched 40 PVC pipe sections.

legs_glue.gif (1718 bytes)

Glue a Sched 40 PVC 'T' with the perpendicular port onto one 12" Sched 40 PVC pipe section.  These are the legs.

base_glue_1.gif (1477 bytes)

To assist in aligning the 'T' parts, stick (don't glue) two legs into the 'T' that is glued to one 12" section.  Stick (don't glue) one leg into the perpendicular port of second 'T'.

Glue the second 'T' end port onto the 12" section connected to the first 'T'.  Use the legs to align the 'T' connectors perpendicular to each other.

base_glue_2.gif (1518 bytes)

Pull the air valve stem through the hole in the end cap that was drilled.   Glue the 3.5" Sched 40 PVC pipe section into the cap trapping the air valve stem.  Be sure not to use excess glue that might drip into the air passage way.

air_valve_glue.gif (1177 bytes)

Glue the cut plug end off of the 1/2" Sched 40 plug into a port on the 1/2" Sched 40 cross.  Immediately glue the 2" long Sched 40 PVC pipe section into the same port pushing the plug all the way into the hole.  Doing them both at the same time is the only way to seat the plug all the way into the hole. Some plugs are reversed so that the plug end is larger than the ID of the cross. You can use a flat file to cut the diameter down so that it fits. Try to find a plug that the plug end fits inside the cross making this step much easier and faster.

cross_glue_plug.gif (1493 bytes)

Glue the air valve stem assembly into on port 90 degrees from the plugged port.

cross_glue_air.gif (1730 bytes)

Glue one cap onto 3 1/2" pipe. Glue the other pipe end into the cross opposite of the air valve stem port.


Glue the second 2" pipe piece into the last open port of the cross and glue one slip to threaded pipe adaptor on that pipe.


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